Who is writing this blog?

My name is Annett Maass and I am working as cultural arts and event manager and journalist in the fields of theatre, music, film, and any kinds of performative art since 2007.
For more than eleven years I am based in Berlin, Germany. After studying Theatre, German Language & Literature, and Journalism in Leipzig and Paris, I have been working with festivals for classic music like the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, artist residencies like the Villa Aurora, LA, cultural institutions like the Maison Heinrich Heine, Paris, museums like the Jewish Museum Berlin,or within the film and media branch on European and international level for a training initiative.
Throughout my professional life I was in close contact and collaborating with artists and cultural institutions.
Discovering the huge variety of artist residency programmes, their rising number, and their obviously positive impact for
both sides: for the artist as well as for the organisation, but also for the region and the locals, have grown my intent to research on this phenomenon of culture in transition. Such programmes should be viewed as a cultural think tank. Many other disciplines use the think tank model to determine and influence environmental change, social policies, economic strategies and technological advancements.
Arts and culture, disciplines that dominate the global perception and contextualisation, demand the same type of time and focus, also taking into account the factor of mobility and new/social media.
Like to contact me? Go ahead!
annett@culture-vulture-with-residencies.info or via Facebook

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