GlogauAIR / Berlin, Germany

GlogauAIR / Berlin, Germany

for artists of all artistic disciplines:
installation, video art,, sculpture, creative writing, architecture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, etc.

Series: Urban Contemporary –
Hotspot Berlin (Kreuzberg), PART I

Fuelling urbanistics

Berlin-Kreuzberg/Neukölln: this is the area where GlogauAIR, founded in 2006 by the Spanish, already deceased artist Chema Alvargonzález, is located.

The former school building appears almost like a little enchanted castle – with plants entwining up the façade, an astonishing display window in the high boundary wall showing a collage artwork by Julia Grey (title photo), and the hidden rear garden.
The modernist-style building is the first work projected and built by the architect Ludwig Hoffmann in 1896, after his nomination as Building Adviser of the city.
Allied bombings in 1945 have destroyed parts of it. One tract remained intact and lodges today a children’s public library as the neighbouring building to the AIR. Also saved/reconstructed was the rector’s part – here the residency got installed at the unused complex about 18 years ago.
On three floors of this house, the common spaces and the office on the upper ground level, and the studios and living places of the fellows on second and third floor enfold.

Project Space, room 2
According to the Kreuz-Kölln-understatement, and as the AIR financially is more or less self-supporting with very few means, all facilities are unpretentious and frugal.
But the simplicity of the conditions and surroundings do not seem to have any
Project Space, kitchen
impact on the artists’ well being.
The contrary:
Speaking with four of the ten current guest artists (two from Korea, from India, and from France/Tunisia), all were amazingly happy, finding a flux of inspiration and acting out their creativity, proudly presenting current artworks.

Artworks and studios of GlogauAIR fellows summer season 2014:
Kim Hyun-KyungBin WoohyukSlim Cheltout and Jignesh Panchal

The fellows are taking profit of their time living at GlogauAIR and of the opportunity of being in Berlin – usually about three to six months, mostly depending on the visa, but also shorter or longer terms are possible according to their project. They appreciate the constant exchange with one-another and of course with the coordinator of the institution, Sergio Frutos.
Completely aware of the aim and standing of the AIR, the institution missions:
‘In a moment where the art’s value gives priority to the process more than the final work, the AIR programmes have turned into temples of works in progress and multiculturalism.’
A welcoming lunch is organised for the new arriving artists, taking place at the big wooden garden table, open studios exhibitions, outdoor screenings during the summer season, and other events; imposingly to be followed on Facebook.

What a revelation that only Sergio Frutos, a technician and two interns assisting,
are running all the organisation, at the same time being so kind, always friendly and facilitating anything that is possible. Which includes: organising an Open Studios exhibition with a catalogue four times a year presenting the current artists and their work, as well as other print products, helping the artists to find funding at national bodies, coordinating and running activities in the Project Space, a multifunction space in the ground floor, taking care of the applications and managing the selection process within the international jury, all communications and PR, e.g. setting up and maintaining collaborations with other institutions, like with the American University, Washington, USA, also see MFA Studio BerlinCase Sparse, Malono, Italy, La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain, or La Mire, Tours, France.

The facts
GlogauAIR is open to all nationalities. Applications do not need to be project based, but of course the personal track record is considered. There is a fee of monthly 500 Euro when sleeping in the studio – the artists are supposed to sleep in their own workplace. (It is only 450 Euro per month if not accommodated in the studios.) The public spaces also can be rented for certain occasions.

Who is coming?
Interested audiences linked to the contemporary art scene frequent the house as so many galleries, cultural places and other AIRs have settled in this multicultural climate of the district. A walk through the quarter makes the pulsating restlessness perceptible; in combination with green parks

and the flowing waters of the ‘Landwehr-Canal’ close by, it is a source of inspiration.
Within ten minutes wandering on the visible changes of gentrification are to experience… fuelling creativity in urban clashes.

More info on the GlogauAIR website and on Facebook.

Photos: Sergio Frutos, A.M.;

Interview with Sergio Frutos,
art director and coordinator of GlogauAIR,
Berlin, 7th August 2014