DOCK 11 & EDEN***** / Berlin, Germany

DOCK 11 & EDEN***** / Berlin, Germany

for dancers on main focus – supplemented by artists in the fields of theatre, performance, literature, music, fine arts, film, club art, etc. in interdisciplinary approach

Series: Urban Contemporary –
Hotspot Berlin (Pankow/Prenzlauer Berg), PART V

The symbiotic contradiction of paradisiacal rehearsal place and urban-industrial performance venue

From Hotspot to Eden it is only four kilometres straight ahead from Prenzlauer Berg northward to bourgeois Pankow. Routed in the divers international dance scene, the institution DOCK 11 & EDEN***** unifies the spatially and structurally separated realms of production, education and presentation.

EDEN***** café terrace garden view
mural at DOCK 11 backyard

The central aspect of the institution is the human being with its broad relations towards arts and surroundings. In a holistic approach it fosters different notions in an agile and nimble way.
A further goal is to combine this with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, regarding environment and dealing with groceries and resources.
The primary reason why it feels paradisiacal at EDEN could be this: an atmosphere of wholesomeness.
It’s not only the properties of a carefully restored century villa with the café, two yoga studios and guest rooms, and the new building in the rear garden dated in 2009, offering light flooded rehearsal spaces with oscillating wooden floor for dancers.
The architecture and interior design throughout is quiet and restrained, making grey the featuring colour. And how bright, reflecting and haptic grey can be with using natural ingredients such as sand, clay and pigments!
Almost imperceptible, grey is framing the retention and warmth of the institution – on facades, interior walls as well as on the homepage. There information re the houses, studios, workshops and guest rooms can be found, as well as great photographic impressions.

Emerging from the experience with continuously having single guests and touring groups for a certain time span over, the wish to establish a conscious behaviour with food, eating habits and producing waste arose.
The usage of public spaces, rehearsal and production facilities, kitchen, etc. should be with care towards the co-residents, especially at a place dedicated to the beauty of arts, music and body movement.
How to become prudent on the immediate society around and help to preserve the nature in practical terms? That sounds basic, perhaps even a bit hackneyed.
As managing director Kirsten Seeligmüller tells, the self-initiated healthy and ecological living most likely suspends being on tour.
Far better it is realised in own organisation, providing catering prepared of regional biological food, causing less packaging waste and food scraps.
Kirsten Seeligmüller confesses to be a Joseph Beuys fan, sharing his conception of unifying art and life.
She thought a lot about the issue where the ‘take-away culture’ in urban societies leads us.
Not to eat commonly anymore at locations dedicated for it while having a time-out, but instead having drinks and sandwiches at working desks or on the walk. Surely it is causing sticky or oily keyboards and door handles, leaving crumbs on the floor and leftovers at undesignated bins with this manner.
No wonders there are problems with insects, cockroaches and rats in our major cities.

She reports about a trip to Brussels for an EU project meeting, noticing that most modern office blocks have bistros on the ground floor providing take-away offers at large. Her conviction is that there can be an alternative acted out.
That also helped to develop a cuisine widely appreciated, so that the café/restaurant is rented out for private festivities frequently.

Festival NORDWIND at EDEN*****

Generally and foremost the team around Wibke Janssen und Kirsten Seeligmüller manages the opportunity of 80 dancing classes for their weekly up to 900 persons coming in, aged between 2 and 65.
They host rehearsals of musicians and theatre ensembles, and also have own productions in creation.
Actually, DOCK 11 is Berlin-wide the only theatre staging performances focused on dance all year round. Within about 200 performances per year, up to two premiers a month are put on the schedule.
Download schedule
Film festival POOL 14
In addition to stage performances also films dedicated to dance and performing arts are presented to the public.
POOL 14 / Internationale TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN takes place 11th – 13th September 2014 at DOCK 11.
The annual film festival includes a competition and a jury awarding the ‘PEARLS’. See programme
The POOL Video Dance Night can be viewed on stream Saturday from 10 pm on.

The facts
There is no actual residency programme offering stipends or scholarships, but of course the cultural place is open for all kinds of self-organised artists and collaborating groups.
It provides the guest with fantastic working facilities in combination with great care and an inspiring ambiance.
Fortunately it will stay like this for the next couple of years, as they hold the lease on EDEN until 2068.
To conclude
EDEN is the location for rehearsals, including accommodation facilities, and DOCK 11 is the staging place with auditorium at the vivid ‘Kastanienallee’ in central Prenzlauer Berg.

By the way, to promenade along this alley with its uncounted shops and cafés became so famous for seeing and being seen that Berliners re-named it ‘Casting Alley’.

More info
on the DOCK 11 & EDEN***** homepage and on Facebook.

Photos: A.M.;
Interview with Kirsten Seeligmüller, managing director of DOCK 11 & EDEN*****
Berlin, 5th September 2014.