DE LICEIRAS 18 / Porto, Portugal

DE LICEIRAS 18 / Porto, Portugal

for visual artists, designers, conceptual gardeners, experimental writers, sound hunters, performers, philosophers…

An all young, experimental, independent project –
recently transformed into an art space and residency

DE LICEIRAS 18 – temporary art community – considers itself as an experimental, independent, artist-run space, existing as artist residency only since summer 2014. It is located in an old, unrestored residential house in the historical center of Porto, Portugal.
Monthly altering, it hosts international artists forming an ever-changing, dynamic temporary art community. Periods of the stay can be arranged individually on a flexible manner regarding personal needs and creative projects.

It is established and run by one visual and one sound artist.
The aim is that it basically runs by itself with some small supervision and assistance of the two artists.

On regular basis, artistic events take place – like exhibitions, performances or film screenings – as there has been one on this rainy Thursday evening of 16th April, when Bruce Allan was showing and explaining the evolving video project ‘Difference Screen’.
The artist, curator and researcher Bruce Allan grew up in Assam, NE India, and now lives in the Forest of Dean, UK. He met Maja Renn, supervising visual artist, at the first Tbilisi Triennial in 2013.

So came the invitation to Porto for a very short visit, introducing his investigations on the appearance and impact of human ideas, relationships and practices on each-other and on natural and man-made landscapes and environments.

Austrian artist Bianca Tschaikner currently works on a creative project regarding the Azulejos in Porto – as to find manifoldly in this beautiful traditional city in Northern Portugal.
Bianca has been traveling the world and was living in India before. Now, she stays for two months at DE LICEIRAS to realize her art project, also utilizing maps and stickers.

Other residential mates are fine artist Nozomi Arisawa and, as this is to be considered by those who are allergic to cats, 7 months old tomcat Lato.

Well, what is to expect?
Quite basic conditions in terms of accommodation and equipment, but creative spirit and independent mind.
And… the beauty and teasing atmosphere of Porto – blowing off all sad thoughts instantly with a strong breeze of the Atlantic winds.

More info on current residents, projects, costs and application guideline can be found on DE LICEIRAS homepage and on Facebook.

Photos: A.M.

Interview with:
Maja Renn,
Bruce Allan,
Bianca Tschaikner

Porto, 16th April 2015.